Thank you for your interest in VitroSys.

VitroSys is a bio-engineering venture company backed by cutting-edge technologies. Through years of research and development and successful ventures here and abroad, we are making steps towards becoming a true world-class company.

I still remember laying the foundation and building the research and manufacturing center amidst the fierce winds and freezing winter of Korea's Mt. Sobaek. It was possible only because we all had passion deep in our hearts.

From our humble origins, our venture has flourished into a highly stable company, with the resources and systems to effectively support an agile management team, groundbreaking research, state-of-the-art production and a responsive sales force.

As part of our continuing efforts to serve our customers, we are opening a newly designed homepage. Here, we intend to build a forum for information exchange among participants.

Our beginnings may have been inconspicuous, but we are now ready to fly with confidence. We have set our sights towards bigger challenges, and we will never cease our relentless efforts to stand side by side with the world's top bio companies.

Until that day comes, I ask for your continuous encouragement and support.

Thank you again for visiting our homepage.